Mt. Tabor Community Education and Economic Development Corporation (CEED)

Cyber Village Senior Housing is a high-quality, affordable, healthy living environment for seniors that encourages interaction through the use of technology and shared social spaces. A dream that was 10 years in the making for Mt. Tabor CEED before the design team was brought on board, Cyber Village was conceived as a way for seniors who often find themselves alone in the world to engage the communities around them in a meaningful way. The building was designed to allow and encourage residents to develop new bonds in their neighborhood, their building, and even within their own families.

Technology was seen as a way to help residents reach beyond the areas in which they live, allowing seniors to reach out to old friends or stay in touch with family that are no longer in the immediate area. Each apartment in the building is outfitted with a computer for the resident's use. Additionally, computer instruction courses are offered in a "Cyber Cafe" classroom to increase residents familiarity with various computer programs. High-speed wireless connectivity is provided throughout the building and the building's intranet is outfitted with links to trusted local merchants allowing deliveries of groceries and an online rent payment system.