Mt. Tabor Community Education and Economic Development Corporation (CEED)


Cyber Village is outfitted with a 14,000 square foot green roof that both manages on-site stormwater runoff and mitigates the heat island effect. Planted with sedum, the green roof requires relatively little maintenance and is supported by an Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) system that can pinpoint potential leaks within inches, minimzing disturbance of the roof or additional damage to the roof membrane in the unlikely event that a leak presents itself.

The green roof at Cyber Village is also contributing to the restoration / creation of wildlife habitats in the city. During installation of the vegetated roof, a small family of tree frogs were found in the planting mix used for the green roof. Apparently, they stowed away in the bags when the sedum plantings were harvested. They are currently happily living their lives four stories above 7th Street.